2.1 9 Web Sites in total are required from 9 different domains as listed below.

2.3 Web Site Design

List of links to HTML requirements

  1. Implement HTML5 structural elements including header groups to group html headers.
  2. Use of an achor tag
  3. Links to appropriate resources, additional info pertaining to the nature of the business.
  4. Use of hotspots, image maps orbookmarks to skip to a location on a given page as well as to another page on your site and to an external related web site.
  5. Insert inline images and line breaks.
  6. Mark page headings, paragraphs, block quotes, addresses appropriately.
  7. Create appropriate ordered, unorderdered and description lists
  8. Insert special characters from extended character sets.
  9. Implement HTML5 meta character set, meta name as author and content with the business name, meta name as description and content describing the nature of the business in one short simple sentence, meta name as keywords and content with at least five keywords that would describe the nature of the business in words.(Use Inspect Element to See)
  10. Your home page must have a footer when the website was last updated or modified

List of links to CSS3 requirements

  1. Create one example on your home page that would show that you know how to style a single element using an inline style for your first h1 heading on your home page.
  2. Style your home page using embedded style sheet.
  3. For the remaining pages create styles using external CSS file(s).
  4. Use CSS3 to format the appearance of paragraphs, lists, headers, background images, tables, forms. Use the following CSS3 contextual selectors ( e1, e2, e3; e f; e > f; e + f) in your web pages.
  5. Use of CSS3 styles for color (RGBA & HSLA) and show one instance of progressive enhancement for colors.
  6. Use of CSS3 styles to format the appearance of web pages text including at least the following font-family, font-size, kerning, tracking, leading, text-indent, font-weight, font-style, text-decoration, text-transform and font-variant the following:
  7. Use of the following pseudo-classes to highlight hyperlinks states of link, visited, active, hover; focus ; pseudo-classes and one appropriate structural pseudo-class.
  8. Use of CSS3 background styles background size, background-clip, backgroundorigin, padding, margins, borders, use of an appropriate border style, use of rounded corners and the use of an outline style.
  9. Your home page should have a drop cap created with CSS3.
  10. Define document content with the class and id properties and create styles for them.
  11. Mark document content with the < div > tags and create styles for them. (See embeded css for the slider)
  12. Use cascading styles to control page layout by using float attribute and positioning.
  13. Use of a web font
  14. Use of CSS3 text and box shadows.
  15. Use of CSS3 transform rotate feature.
  16. Use of CSS3 opacity applied to two images to appear semi-transparent.

List of Links to Web Form Requirements

  1. Use of appropriate form elements including some of the new HTML5 form elements.
  2. Apply appropriate styles to Web Forms.
  3. Validate form data using the required attribute.
  4. Apply inline form validation by using the focus pseudo-class to appropriate form elements.

List of Links to Multimedia Requirements

  1. Use of object tag to enhance a web page with sound.

List of Links to Javascript Requirements

  1. Use of variables , arithmetic, comparison and logical operators, subroutines, functions, arrays, conditional statements, conditional operators, running time commands with system clock.
  2. Display system date on the home page of the web site.
  3. Validating form input by using appropriate JavaScript functions.
  4. Use of JavaScript alerts for validation purposes.